[Dev] Apps Meeting @ 1pm today in *Whoville*

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Thu Mar 9 12:01:41 PST 2006


Just a reminder that we have our weekly Apps meeting today at *1:00pm* 
in *Whoville* (Gotham was reserved by our CC friends). We'll be using 
the Bridge.

  * Question du Jour: What issue is on the top of your head today? (10 min)
  * 0.7 Planning and Progress
     * Alpha plan (15 min)
     * Bugs and Tasks (5 min) - see curves at Projects.ApplicationProject
  * Misc
     * Geek Talk (5 min) - Projects.GeekTalks
     * Self Assigned Project (10 min)
  * People
     * Reviews (5 min)
     * Interns (5 min) - see plan at Projects.IntershipPlan06

As always, you can update your weekly status here:

See you there.

- Philippe

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