[Dev] redirect and Who, About and Date

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 8 16:02:24 PST 2006

John -
How do you handle when who/about/date are different types? For instance, 
I think 'who' on some objects is a refList of EmailAddresses but on 
other objects (Note?) it is a EmailAddress object.. or I could imagine 
it eventually being a string too.

One solution I could imagine is putting separate, localized 'who' 
attributes on a per-Kind basis (so that e-mail addresses could have its 
own 'who' that is a refList of EmailAddresses and Notes could have just 
a single EmailAddress object.)

But if we're talking about a scheme like this, it seems like it would 
make sense to just bake this into the schema layer, rather than 
implement onValueChanged on each of the respective PIM Kinds. Maybe pje 
can shed some light here?


John Anderson wrote:
> I'm planning on getting rid of redirect attributes to handle the Who, 
> About and Date attributes in the Summary Table. Instead I plan to add 
> an explicit Who, About and Date attribute. By noticing when attributes 
> that affect the value of Who, About or Date change (using 
> onValueChanged), I'll update Who, About and Date as necessary.
> This is simple to implement and eliminates the current problem where 
> Who, About and Date sometimes doesn't display the correct value. It 
> also doesn't require a special "computed attribute" that isn't stored 
> in the repository, so you can always search for Who, About and Date 
> like any other attribute. Finally, it allows Andi to get rid of 
> redirect, which simplifies the repository design.
> John
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