[Dev] Chandler Windows startup scripts: RunChandler and RunPython

Mike Taylor bear at code-bear.com
Wed Mar 8 11:10:55 PST 2006

While trying to get the quick build tinderboxes to run the Functional 
Tests I have located a problem with the RunChandler.bat and 
RunPython.bat startup scripts.

On Windows we have to tell the OS that we have a custom dll search path 
so that Windows will locate our dll's as they are not in any of the 
"normal" places the OS looks for them by default.  This is done for us 
by chandler.exe and chandlerDebug.exe - a small program that sets the 
environment up, calls the OS API to set the search path and then calls 

The problem is that the RunChandler.bat calls the RunPython.bat and 
passes it the parameters to run Chandler.py.  RunPython.bat then calls 
python.exe or python_d.exe and passes along those parameters.

None of the Run*.bat steps involves the Chandler Launcher so that means 
the search path may not be set correctly.

Right now I will be modifying RunChandler.bat to use the launcher as 
that will fix my tinderbox issue.  After that I need to research the 
RunPython issue a bit and then I'll post a proposal here for 


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