[Dev] Re: [Cosmo] Free/Busy in Chandler 0.7

Mike Taylor bear at code-bear.com
Tue Mar 7 21:17:22 PST 2006

On Mar 7, 2006, at 9:21 PM, Jeffrey Harris wrote:

> Hi Morgen,
>>> B) Chandler calculates free-busy based on what's in My Calendar and
>>>  periodically updates a collection of VFREEBUSY components.
>>> VFREEBUSY components are more compact than full VEVENTs, so the
>>> upload-twice problem is diminished somewhat.  It still suffers from
>>>  non-Chandler propagation delays.
>> +1, and I think a slight delay is not a big deal.
> Hmm.  I just realized I omitted another challenge associated with
> VFREEBUSY.  VFREEBUSY doesn't support recurrence, so recurring events
> have to be expanded to some arbitrary distance in the future (a year or
> two, perhaps).  This means that I perhaps overstated the bandwidth
> savings associated with publishing VFREEBUSY instead of VEVENTs.

I seem to remember that any scheduling system I used in the past 
limited me to a fixed amount of time I could publish my free/busy 
information to the outside world.  This type of limit is probably 
acceptable to most users and would limit the scope.

>> If/when Cosmo implements the 'free/busy collection
>> property' feature you describe in E), then it seems like then you
>> would want a checkbox within Chandler for each collection indicating
>> whether or not the collection should be included in free/busy report
> The idea is that in Chandler, choosing mine/not mine is the UI for
> determining whether something is included in free/busy reports.

+1 - free/busy should only be published for information that I own

>> One other thing to take into account is whether people will have
>> their calendars distributed on multiple servers.  I know I will have
>> my work calendar on an OSAF cosmo instance but my personal calendar
>> will likely be on my own cosmo, which means I couldn't use option E).
> You would have to duplicate one of your calendars on one of your 
> servers
> to use E), or is there some deeper reason E) wouldn't work here?

Could we not also publish free/busy to multiple locations just like 
calendar information.  I tend to view free/busy not as a part of the 
calendar(s) I maintain but as a totally stand-alone resource that is 
published to either everyone or a known set of people.


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