[Dev] Problems when external/ and/or internal/ out of sync with chandler/

Reid Ellis rae at osafoundation.org
Mon Mar 6 15:15:21 PST 2006

On Mar 6, 2006, at 16:57, Mike Taylor wrote:
> The change I would make is what we started to discuss on  
> #chandler.  That there be a environment var that controls what  
> libraries are pulled from the branch (heikki suggested something  
> like DEV=m2crypto,zanshin which I like.)  This allows a dev to work  
> on the lib they are interested in and *not* get hung up on other  
> branch work for libs they are not interested in.
> Also, to clarify something, *all* release, checkpoint, milestone,  
> whatever is done only to the trunk and that the merge only happens  
> from the branch to the trunk.  This allows all new library updates  
> to flow in one direction and will greatly simplify the merge  
> mechanics.
> ---
> Bear

r.e. "DEV=m2crypto,zanshin" -- Instead of "," perhaps we should  
choose a separator that is less likely to be used in a future branch  
name. I just can see someone naming a future branch "special- 
jpg,png,tiff" or something like that.

How about ':' (Unix path-ish), or ';' (DOS path-ish)?

Perusing the doc, it appears that any valid URL character, or URL- 
encoded character is legal (so UTF-8 is legal).

Being a pain,

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