[Dev] Status of milestone build 0.7alpha1

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 1 19:23:55 PST 2006


Milestone 0.7alpha1(Checkpoint_20060227_rev9628). The testing for  
this milestone build was focused on Mac and Windows. The focus will  
rotate from week to week.

     * The following NEW regressions were found:
           o None

     * The following NEW bugs were found:
           o Bug:5291 - Alarm went off twice for the same event
           o Bug:5295 - Assert when resizing while editing event title
           o Bug:5296 - thin white space between the event lozenge  
and the time line
           o Bug:5298 - Display is rendered blank while running the  
functional te
           o Bug:5310 - Consistent unhandled exception for Print Preview
           o Bug:5312 - Clicking on date(Start-Time/Do-time) column  
header blanks..
           o Bug:5323 - displaying information in internal format  
while syncing
           o Bug:5325 - Need sharing URL for iCal users
           o Bug:5322 - menu file| sync| shares not working
           o Bug:5316 - Imported collections not displaying in myItems
           o Bug:5302 - Fails to start and generates a traceback on  
the first run

     * The following regressions are still open:
           o Bug:5243 - preview area doesn't update as you move  
events to today
           o Bug:5263 - Chandler crashes on dragging a recurring  
series to a collection on linux
           o Bug:5264 - importing a calendar into chandler no longer  
puts it in 'My Calendar' on linux
           o Bug:5263 - Chandler crashes on dragging items to a  

  The list of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 release: 394
  The list of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 19
  The list of resolved bugs in the last 7 days: 21
  The list of all new bugs in the last 7 days that are still open: 30

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