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Tue Mar 14 17:13:41 PST 2006

<fontfamily><param>Lucida Grande</param>"The Open Knowledge Initiative
Project defines open architectural specifications that support the
development of educational software by simplifying the methods of
assembly, delivery and access to educational technology resources. "

In particular, OKI has defined a set of  API and reference
implementations of core services such as authentication,
authorization, file access, logging, DB access, etc. that we can learn

We should look at OKI from at least two points of view

1) Are there common services we can re-use (and thus not re-invent the
wheel) or at least adopt the same APIs?

2) How can we ensure that our architecture and APIs will allow easy
interoperability with OKI and OKI-based apps?

Looks like implementations of OKI are in Java.

OKI receives funding from the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

More OKI links:






Chao Lam

Open Source Applications Foundation

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