[Chandler-dev] Checking background sync into the trunk [Poll]

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Tue Jun 6 16:08:59 PDT 2006

I still have one or two loose ends to wrap up, but we're getting  
close to landing the background sync feature to the trunk.  The  
biggest issue we know about is stamping/unstamping a shared item is  
not yet supported. One reason for this is background sync makes heavy  
use of the repository's view-merging functionality, and has pushed  
view-merging more than any previous code.  View-merging has changed  
enough that we would like it to be exercised and stabilized before  
adding features to it (including stamping support).   Also, since  
stamping may be implemented via annotations in the future, that would  
obsolete any view-merging code Andi would have to write to support  
stamping now.

So the choices are:

1) Check bgsync code into the trunk now, do without stamping of  
shared items for some amount of time, but get the rest of view- 
merging solid first.

2) Keep the bgsync branch separate from the trunk until we can add  
stamping support to the view-merging code, which means view-merging  
won't be fully exercised before we add further complexity, and the  
continuing head-aches of maintaining a branch (which Andi has been  
mostly doing -- thanks Andi!)

I vote for #1, but I would like to get feedback on how painful it  
will be for people if shared-item-stamping isn't supported for a  
while.  "A while" is a function of how much work it first takes to  
stabilize sharing once we land the background sync changes.  After  
that, supporting stamping sounds like it would be on the order of 2  
to 3 weeks.


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