[Chandler-dev] chandlerdb updated (0.6-35)

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Mon Jul 31 16:36:15 PDT 2006

> On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Mike Taylor wrote:
>> Should Chandler, when it detects this option on the command-line, do some 
>> sort of backup?  Or add --undo-but-make-me-feel-warm-and-fuzzy ?

I just added yet another command line option, --backup, a boolean off by 
default, that causes the repository to be backup immediately after Chandler 
opens the repository.

This way, you can backup your repository before doing surgery on it
with --undo.

The destination of the backup is emitted to chandler.log. That file is in 
your profile directory whose hiding place is described here:

You can also use -e to get repository log message emitted to stderr.

For example:  rc --backup --undo check -e
   1. backs up the repository
   2. then runs check() and undo() until check() passes

To restore a repository from a backup:  rc --restore <dbHome>
   where <dbHome> is the path emitted during --backup


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