[Chandler-dev] 0.7 alpha 3 RC 1

Mike Taylor bear at code-bear.com
Mon Jul 31 10:43:27 PDT 2006

I just downloaded the Chandler_osx_0.7alpha3-rc1.dmg, installed it on 
my intel mac and ran it.

It ran under Rosetta and the python process shows up in the "Kind" 
column in Activity Viewer as PowerPC so it is the PPC build running.

When I displayed the About Box my new platform string was showing as 
Intel - so it appears that the Python platform.processer() routine is 
talking directly to the hardware.

After about a minute Chandler just disappeared.

I will work on solving the processor detection issue so that the 
Chandler startup code can detect the PPC on Intel situation.

On Jul 31, 2006, at 12:56 PM, Grant Baillie wrote:

> On 31 Jul, 2006, at 08:56, Grant Baillie wrote:
>> On 31 Jul, 2006, at 08:53, John Anderson wrote:
>>> Hi Grant:
>>> Shouldn't Mac's Rosetta emulator run PPC binaries on the Intel 
>>> machines?
>> Yes, it should. My understanding is there is some bug where a PPC 
>> instruction used by PyLucene isn't implemented in Rosetta. So, you 
>> can launch the app just fine, but as soon as indexing fires up (e.g. 
>> you create a new event) the app crashes. (In 0.6.x, this doesn't 
>> happen b/c indexing isn't enabled).
>> Anyway, Mitch has seen this with the intel build, so I'm going to 
>> give it a whirl on my intel Mac Mini here at home and see what I can 
>> find.
> I wasn't able to reproduce on the Mac Mini here @ home, with either 
> RC1 or with the checkpoint build in the bug.
> --Grant
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