[Chandler-dev] Alpha3 status

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Jul 26 18:29:00 PDT 2006


The Bug Council met this afternoon @ 4pm. We still do not have a fix for 
the blocking 6266 but made progress in finding related bugs serious 
enough that we decided to patch them:
- 6402   subindex merge fixes

We now want to test again the current alpha3 branch and see if we can 
repro 6266. We are therefore still holding off creating an RC for now 
and will meet again *tomorrow Wednesday 26th*.

Some questions you may have:
- Is there a drop dead date for this RC or are we going to slip like 
that forever? We decided that we will not slip beyond *Tuesday August 
1st*. The main reason being that by then Andi (the principal 
investigator here) will be on vacation (or close to).
- So what if we can't fix 6266? We will ship with a warning in the 
Release Notes that makes clear what the bug symptoms are and what to do 
if that happens.
- Is there a workaround for 6266? The workaround is to quit Chandler and 
relaunch it. The good news is that the user data are not compromise. The 
bad news is that it's really annoying when that happens... which is why 
we'd like to have it fixed if possible.
- Andi is 9 hours ahead of PST, how do we manage for code review? We 
decided to authorize Andi to do commit with only a light code review 
(quick hand shake on IRC with Katie, me or others). The reason is that, 
so far, his changes are extremely simple and safe. We trust him not to 
sneak in a massive repo overhaul of course... (and anyway we could back 
it out... :) )
- Can we slip any other bug fixes in the meantime? Except for 5906 
(toolbar), no.

Till RC, the Bug Council will continue to meet everyday @ 4pm and I will 
continue to post here to keep you updated at least once a day.

Hang in there,
- Philippe

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