[Chandler-dev] Debugging Chandler with wing

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Fri Jul 21 15:17:59 PDT 2006

For a very long time it's been way too difficult to set up Wing to debug 
Chandler. For my 20% project I decided to improve this. So I just 
checked in new "pre-built" Wing project (debug and release) for each of 
the platforms that "just work" -- well almost. There are a few minor 
snags, which I've documented in the wiki:


under Debugging Chandler.

I've also included instructions on how to easily debug functional tests 
and included some important wing lore.

I suspect I may have missed one or two points, so please give me your 
feedback for improvement.


P.S. Bear has not yet included the new project files in the developer 
builds, but they should appear shortly. In the mean time you'll find 
them in SVN in the Chandler directory.

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