[Chandler-dev] [chandler dev] help! chandler could not start after an unsuccessful termination

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Fri Jul 21 11:28:50 PDT 2006

Ouch!! I supposed you killed everything already and tried to relaunch 
Chandler (unsuccessfully). In that case, the best hope is to get some 
help from Andi to perform some surgery on the repository. I'm not sure 
that's possible and it certainly won't be easy. The other problem is 
that since you're using 0.6, the most recent improvements (Andi talked 
recently about undoing the last commit for instance) won't be available 
to you and it's going to be harder for Andi to assist you...

Try to catch him on IRC (ovaltofu is his nick). Also take into account 
that he's in France right now (time difference is +6 from Eastern time).

- Philippe

Xun Luo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been running chandler 0.6 under WinXP smoothly for almost two 
> months. Normally when I close the application and relaunch it, I wait 
> paitently for the clearup window to finish. However yesterday did not 
> wait for that and relaunched chandler right after I closed the opening 
> one. It now waited forever to start.
> I should be blamed for brutal operation, but, how to fix this problem 
> and keep all the existing data in chandler?  I am using feed parcel to 
> collect slashdot articles, about 30 a day and I have collected about 
> 500. It will be a disaster if they are lost.
> Thanks for help!
> Xun
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