[Chandler-dev] Re: Mail schema

Brian Kirsch bkirsch at osafoundation.org
Thu Jul 20 13:29:53 PDT 2006

Hi Travis,
I need to reread the spec again but in general I agree with your 
assessments of moving
the logic of how to convert a specific item type to MIME to the Item 
class itself.

One thing I need to think about and yourself as well is storage 
requirements to
prevent multiple representations of the same data from bloating the 
repository especially
if our goal is for Chandler to someday be a real email client supporting 
thousands of

There is also the case for things such as reply and forward that are 
mail paradigms that need to be support i.e. we will still need to 
maintain the original sent
message ala the rfc2882 blob currently employed.

Things are shaking out with mail now and we are starting to put stakes 
in the ground as
to what "Email" means in Chandler.

Once this discussion is farther along the correct path for the mail 
schema will become
more obvious.


Travis Vachon wrote:

>Whoops! Sorry about that..
>Brian Kirsch wrote:
>>What is the URL of the wiki page you are referring to?
>>Travis Vachon wrote:
>>>Hi Brian
>>>As I was implementing some of the changes we discussed, I had a few more
>>>thoughts about the current mail schema, and decided that before I make
>>>too many changes it might be useful to think about the mail schema
>>>first. It would be a shame to do a bunch of work now that became
>>>irrelevant later.
>>>I've created a wiki page with some of my thoughts. The first section is
>>>basically an edited brain-dump, and might be a little unstructured, but
>>>hopefully gives an idea of some of the factors I was thinking of. The
>>>second section is a proposal to change MIME handling from a first-class
>>>Item based system to an Annotation-based system. This would obviously
>>>require some re-working, but hopefully the page will make it fairly
>>>clear why I think this is an option to consider.
>>>If you're still swamped take your time. I have a couple other things I
>>>can work on with the imapserver parcel, but I'd definitely be very
>>>interested in your thoughts on my thoughts. Feel free to make comments
>>>directly on the wiki page, or in a reply.
>>>Thanks very much,

Brian Kirsch 
Internationalization Architect/ Mail Service Engineer
Open Source Applications Foundation
543 Howard Street 5th Floor
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