[Chandler-dev] Apps meeting today @ 1:15pm

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Thu Jul 20 11:39:02 PDT 2006


Just a reminder that we have our weekly Apps meeting today at *1:15pm* 
in Gotham. We'll be using the Bridge.

   * Question du Jour (5 min): Any message or mission to carry for those 
of us going to OSCON next week?
   * 0.7alpha3
      * Still some bugs. 3 assigned the Jeffrey but everyone can help! 
Search field to make it also (Reid) may be in a later update. Issues 
with this plan? Updates on bugs?
   * 0.7alpha4
      * Bug count and schedule (10 min): I'll try to create an updated 
graph for 1pm... If I don't, we can skip that section.
      * Big Features update (20 min): Please, prepare a short status, 
list of issues, blockers, things to solve, etc... An update on the 
adequacy (or not) of the specs for those areas would be great.
         * Dashboard and Scheduling (Bryan) :
         * Free / Busy, Calendar UI (Jeffrey) :
         * Toolbar (Reid) :
         * Styles / CPIA (John) :
         * wx (Robin) :
         * i18n (Brian and Markku) :
         * email (Brian) :
   * Misc (5 min)
      * Interns and SoC Students: Good progress from all, we'll have mid 
term presentations at an all-hands in a couple of weeks. Check out their 
project pages off 
Comments on intern work?

As always, you can update your weekly status here:

See you there.

- Philippe

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