[Chandler-dev] Alpha4 recap

Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Wed Jul 19 11:53:19 PDT 2006

With all the traffic on the design list and Alpha3 finishing up, I  
thought it was worth once again summarizing our plans for Chandler  
Alpha4 and providing some context for where this milestone fits into  
the longer term planning.

At a high level, what we are building towards is a 1.0 version of our  
products and services. Prior to 1.0, we will reach 2 significant  

- Alpha: proof of concept for 1.0
- Beta: a dogfoodable version of 1.0

Our current plan of record is for Chandler 0.7 to become the Beta  
version of our 1.0 desktop product, targeted for early 2007. In order  
to get to Beta, we are planning a series of 2 month releases over  
which Beta features will be staged. If we plan Alpha4 as a 2 month  
milestone (Sept), we could imagine an Alpha5 (Nov), Alpha6 (Jan) and  
perhaps Alpha7-0.7 in Mar 2007.

What the "Alpha" version is seems to be a bit fuzzier since Beta has  
been the real focus point. We do know there is some pre-Beta  
milestone where people can start to use the key features that are  
part of our 1.0 goals (particularly around the dashboard and  
stamping). We seem to be homing in on Chandler Alpha4 as the "Alpha"  
version. As far as Scooby and Cosmo are concerned, the Alpha may be  
happening at a different time and we are working on clarifying that  
right now. It's really about having someone using the products and  
services to satisfy some subset of our 1.0 usage scenarios.

The primary tenets for Alpha4 are...

+ Build a first iteration dashboard so users can experiment with our  
triage and stamping workflows.
+ Continue to enhance the usability of the calendar by addressing  
things like visual improvements and performance.
+ Support the larger collaboration workflows by tackling the sharing  
format design and finding a way to reconcile a user's sharing world  
between the desktop and the web client.

These top priorities along with other detail can be found on the  
Alpha4 plan page and reflected in a series of specs.

ZeroPointSevenPlanning (spec table)


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