[Chandler-dev] Problem with stamping and collection notifications/ kind watchers

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 18 17:33:52 PDT 2006

Travis Vachon wrote:
> Bryan, one other note: you mentioned at one point that you could put a
> commit back in after stamping happens. This seems to make sense, and if
> there are no objections, it would be convenient for me to have this happen.

The objection comes from the performance tests: stamping will get even 
slower. As it is, the 3000 event calendar stamping test takes 200% of 
the current goal. Last time I tried, it took me more than three days 
work to find a way to make it about 15% faster, and I don't know of 
anything else to rework to improve it further.

I could cheat and reduce the apparent impact of this during the 
automated tests by forcing a commit before the timing starts, but it'll 
still be a fair bit slower than it is now, and I'm unable to do this 
with the current goal. (This is cheating because the user will still see 
the stamping operation include all the time to commit anything the user 
has done since the last commit - it'll look even slower still!)


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