[Chandler-dev] Removing displayName

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jul 18 14:37:29 PDT 2006

Brian Kirsch, Morgen Sagen, Grant Baillie, Ted Leung, Katie Capps Parlante, 
John Anderson and I just had a brief meeting regarding the "unified 
displayName" discussion from April (see also bug #1745).

The background of the issue is that Brian was concerned about developers 
localizing displayName unnecessarily for schema items, when that name is 
almost never actually displayed.  Brian's outstanding patch for bug #1745 
attempted to fix this by creating a new "title" attribute and using it in 
addition to displayName.

In discussion at the meeting, however, it became clear that there is no 
apparently-valid use case for having a displayName at all.  The original 
intent of displayName was to have a single, universal attribute that could 
be used for an item's user-visible name.  However, in today's Chandler 
there are different uses for names of different items, and (it would 
appear) no reason to continue centralizing this in the repository.

So, the consensus reached was to:

1. Use application-specific attributes for UI display, with the most 
prominent example being a new "ContentItem.title" attribute.

2. Remove "displayName" from the schema API and the repository, as the 
attribute should no longer have any special meaning or function, nor in 
fact exist at all.

The current action plan is as follows:

1. John will investigate remaining uses of displayName that are actually 
being shown in the UI, and add/use the 'title' attribute of ContentItem in 
place of 'displayName'.  This attribute will be indexed.

2. Brian Kirsch will review John's patch for i18n issues

3. I will remove displayName from the schema API

4. Andi will remove it from the repository code and core schema definition.

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