[Chandler-dev] chandlerdb updated (0.6-32)

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 18 12:34:50 PDT 2006

After your next 'svn update' you need to get the latest chandlerdb version by
running in 'chandler':
      make chandlerdb  - OR -
      make install

This update implements a change that was requested when I reworked collections 
and notifications last winter. Yes, it took a while, but the queued collection 
notifications now use watchers as well and the notificationQueueSubscribe() 
API is now called watchCollectionQueue(). Now, you can also name the method 
that gets invoked for these notifications.

I also removed support for persistent queued collection notification 
subscriptions since they were not used at all (except in a unit test).
Only transient subscriptions are supported now, via the 
RepositoryView.watchCollectionQueue(watchingItem, collection, methodName) API.
This simplified the code quite a bit too.


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