[Chandler-dev] Alpha3 readme and known bugs

Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 18 00:31:51 PDT 2006

I put together the readme notes and known bug list for Alpha3. Let me  
know if you see anything wrong, missing etc.



Users wanting to check out the latest progress on Chandler, can  
download our new milestone, Alpha3 which builds on Alpha2 by  
providing a sneak preview of some of the features we are implementing  
for 0.7.

The work for Alpha3 centers around the following goals:

+ Background sync
+ Intel Mac support
+ Performance improvements

New features in this milestone:

+ Background sync
	+ Synching calendars as well as publish and subscribe operations now  
run in the background. This means you can continue to use the  
application while a sync is running.
	+ By default, calendars sync every hour.
	+ Using the Collection->Synchronization preferences menu you can  
change this option from every 1/2 hour to once a day.
	+ Users will still have the option to force a sync manually.
+ Intel Mac support
	+ Chandler can now be built and run on the Intel Mac platform.
	+ We also provide separate downloads for both the PPC and Intel Mac  
on the downloads page.
+ We have made a number of architecture changes to improve performance
	+ Some operations were loading all items in a collection -- we  
changed this behavior with a series of fixes
	+ The column header renders faster (use of freeze/thaw in the column  
header when changing text)
	+ Optimizations in looking up events for a given week, including use  
of the "sub-index" feature to look for recurring events
+ Further progress on internationalization
	+ Integration with wxWidgets i18n (dialogs are now localizable)
  	+ Unit and functional tests cover non-ascii characters in all  
displayable strings, non-ascii filenames, etc.
	+ i18n egg support
	+ Numerous i18n related bug fixes
+ Other stuff
	+ Search UI in toolbar (assuming this doesn't drop out -- I'm  
surprised not to see it this morning)
	+ Zanshin free-busy query support
	+ Numerous bug fixes reported by users: alpha3 is first dogfoodable  
release since 0.6.1

For a complete list of major known bugs see list at http:// 
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