[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint Status 0.7alpha3.dev-r11164-checkpoint20060714]

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Fri Jul 14 15:38:18 PDT 2006

Checkpoint 0.7alpha3.dev-r11164-checkpoint20060714 The testing for this 
checkpoint build was focused on Ubuntu, and winXp. The focus will rotate 
from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:

       During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:


   * Bug:6246 Jerky widgets when switching accounts in accounts prefere..
   * Bug:6247 Windows taskbar button stays marked 'Not Responding'


   * Bug:6245 slow & odd in-place edits of titles in table view

       In the four days since the last checkpoint the following bugs
       were found:


11 NEW bugs were found

   * Bug:6225 Markup bar stamp leaves focus wrong
   * Bug:6226 Separating translation not found from translation equal t...
   * Bug:6229 tool bar flickers when resizing
   * Bug:6233 Implement new calendar canvas look
   * Bug:6234 Update tinderbox script to forward to the server any UUID...
   * Bug:6237 The displayName on kindInfo is not needed
   * Bug:6238 Makefile.inc needs to be changed so that iosx uploads to ...
   * Bug:6241 The Feeds Plugin Logic is flawed and needs updating
   * Bug:6242 Flickr no longer works
   * Bug:6243 background syncs take longer than status bar messages ind...
   * Bug:6244 Unselect "view Toolbar" and "view status bar" does not w...

   * The list of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7: 320(compared to 320 four days ago).
   * The list of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 6(compared to 4 four days ago).
   * The list of resolved bugs in the four days: 13(compared to 6 four days ago)
   * The list of all new bugs in the last four days that are still open: 18(compared to 14 four days ago)

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