[Chandler-dev] Subzilla updated

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jul 14 13:01:30 PDT 2006

At 12:38 PM 7/14/2006 -0700, Jeffrey Harris wrote:
>Hi Brian,
>>I was not able download the subzilla egg from PyPi. I get the following
> >
>>error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('subzilla')
>>But soon as I tried a capital S it worked.
>>easy_install Subzilla
>Argh.  My fetish for grammatically correct proper noun's bit me, I knew 
>setup.py's name attribute would be the project name, I just answered the 
>"name" question on autopilot ;)
>I just submitted the all lower case version to PyPi, so my original 
>instructions should now work (and I deleted the Subzilla project, so 
>Brian's method should've *stopped* working).

Actually, it surprises me that it didn't work, because easy_install should 
have figured it out anyway, after displaying the message that there was no 
match for the case-sensitive version of the name.  It just should've 
downloaded the whole package index and found the right one.

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