[Chandler-dev] Bridging the gap - email options

Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Thu Jul 13 14:58:41 PDT 2006

Since there just aren't enough design list conversations going on...

I sent an email to the design list last week with a proposal for how  
we might handle email in the 1.0 timeframe. The proposal involves  
finding ways for people to bridge the gap between clients people use  
today and Chandler so email is a useful part of the ecosystem  
collaboration experience.


Some options for bridging the gap between the desktop and existing  
email clients that have came up so far are...

+ Emailing items to a collection on Cosmo ie: Send a /Event to  
officecalendar at cosmo.osafoundation.org
+ Drag and drop emails and attachments from other email clients.
+ Pull down emails that have special headers.
+ Handle a one-time import of an Inbox
+ Subscribe / Sync to select IMAP folder(s) ie: Inbox, manage design  
list in the desktop.
+ The desktop as an IMAP client
+ The desktop as an IMAP server
+ RSS in and RSS out via desktop/web access

Travis already started another thread about his IMAP server parcel  
but the PPD team would be interested in generating some dialog around...

1) The technical pros/cons/issues for all of these alternatives so  
then we can circle back and evaluate these from a workflow perspective.
2) What are some other options we could consider that we may not have  
thought of.

I am cc'ing the other lists to get as many people involved in the  
discussion but please post replies to the design list.

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