[Chandler-dev] Last Alpha 3 bug needs a question answered: What commands are active when a modeless dialog is active?

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Mon Jul 10 17:52:26 PDT 2006


It seems like I have the last Alpha 3 bug to fix. Fortunately, it's 
pretty easy, but it does raise and interesting question that I need to 
answer before fixing the bug:

Suppose you have a modeless dialog frontmost, i.e. on top of the 
Chandler window. Should commands other than those for the dialog be 
active, e.g. all the usual Chandler commands, or should only the 
commands appropriate for that dialog, e.g. cut/copy/paste be active.

My personal opinion is that it's probably most convenient for the user 
to make all the commands active. However, that may lead to a situation 
where a modeless dialog might need to reflect changes from some Chandler 
command that happens while it's frontmost.


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