[Chandler-dev] Status of Checkpoint 0.7alpha3.dev-r11049-checkpoint20060626

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Thu Jul 6 15:26:23 PDT 2006

Checkpoint 0.7alpha3.dev-r11049-checkpoint20060626. The testing for this
checkpoint build was focused on OS-X, and winXp. The focus will rotate 
from week to week.

This report is also on line at:

6 NEW regressions were found

   * Bug:6146 certstore dialogs broke with r10923
   * Bug:6151 unstamping email-ness removes from calendar or task list
   * Bug:6152 Mini calendar not always showing busy bars for recurring ...
   * Bug:6163 Toolbar icons flash when resizing window, also during fun...
   * Bug:6165 Quitting while a bgsync is going on will hang Chandler
   * Bug:6175 Alarms reminders don't popup on the Mac

27 NEW bugs were found

   * Bug:6142 Backspace and mouse-clicks interpreted incorrectly in sea...
   * Bug:6143 Search is a bit random
   * Bug:6144 item.itsKind.getAttribute('about').getAspect('type') retu...
   * Bug:6145 Events appearing on wrong day after changing timezones
   * Bug:6149 Typo in WebDav.py prevents certificate panel from showing
   * Bug:6150 Should redirect wx errors to chandler.log
   * Bug:6153 merging subindexes with deletions may fail
   * Bug:6157 Certstore should appear sorted on who column on first dis...
   * Bug:6159 Create an Ubuntu .deb installer package
   * Bug:6160 Resize calendar perf test is currently disabled
   * Bug:6161 TestSharing.py should be implemented the same way as the ...
   * Bug:6162 Reproducible errors (KeyError, inconsistent index) syncin...
   * Bug:6164 Resizing application to minimal size and then resizing bi...
   * Bug:6166 TestNewEvent throws unhandled exception in new test frame...
   * Bug:6167 Search box moves to cover new and send buttons during fun...
   * Bug:6168 Icons in column headers clipped
   * Bug:6169 kind query is missing new items
   * Bug:6170 index checking gets confused during kind change
   * Bug:6171 Update Windows launchers to support unicode, remove MFC d...
   * Bug:6172 Should really have a collection deletion confirmation dialog
   * Bug:6173 Deleting & resubscribing to a collection causes weird beh...
   * Bug:6174 modify occurrence to all-day causes sharing error
   * Bug:6176 editing long sharing URL scrolls text too much
   * Bug:6177 <http://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6177>
     DNS failures have poor messages
   * Bug:6190 Autocompletion box in attribute editors doesn't show
   * Bug:6192 TestBlocks producing attribute error
   * Bug:6193 Reminders need rework to not use monitors

   * The list of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7: 322
     (compared to 322 ten days ago).
   * The list of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 4
     (compared to 1 ten days ago).
   * The list of resolved bugs in the last ten days: 26
     (compared to 19 ten days ago)
   * The list of all new bugs in the last ten days that are still open: 20 
     (compared to 21 ten days ago)

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