[Chandler-dev] Contacts/Address Book project

Ernesto Rivera rivera.ernesto at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 10:58:14 PDT 2006

Well conditionally-visible but still fixed number of fields would be  
more a patch than a definitive solution.
The fixed number of fields is a wxWidget limitation?

I think the most viable solution would be to have single multi-valued  
field (like lists for HTML). Something like this:

Exists there a "table view" block?


> It sounds like you're asking for arbitrary sets of repeating blocks  
> (for instance, a value editor and a label editor for each of  
> several email addresses) - the detail view currently only supports  
> fixed sets of blocks for a particular Kind, though blocks can be  
> shown/hidden based on the item being viewed. Until this can be  
> changed, I'd suggest starting with a detail view that can display  
> one email address and one phone number; once that's working, I can  
> help you expand it into a conditionally-visible fixed number of  
> fields.
> Can you describe what you're going for? Maybe I can also suggest  
> what blocks and what attribute editors need to be built, and what  
> can reuse existing stuff...
> ...Bryan
> Ernesto Rivera wrote:
>> (http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/edit/Journal/AddressBookProject)
>> The project's plan has changed -upon several requests- giving  
>> highest priority to the "conforming to vCard" task, which will be  
>> continued by the import/export to vCard task.
>> The main problem for the coming days will be creating "dynamic"  
>> detail views allowing (like OSX's Address Book):
>> - Visually creating an arbitrary number of entry fields (3 email  
>> fields, 4 phone numbers, etc.).
>> - Visually tagging each of this fields (home, work, etc.).
>> Is out there something like this anywhere on Chandler? I guess I  
>> will have to create my own specialized "blocks". In this case  
>> where to start?

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