[Dev] PyCon Sprints

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Jan 4 22:25:32 PST 2006

Considering the dead silence on this thread, I'm wondering if others 
have the same questions as I have:
- What are the rules for a qualifying "sprint" at PyCon?
- What are we trying to get from a sprint?
- What are we supposed to provide? (we may not have enough resources 
anyway to organize several)
- If it's too long, is it still a sprint? (OK, that one is a joke... :) )

Ideas (answers to here above questions might disqualified them as 
relevant, sorry if it does):
- Functional Tests sprint (CATS scripts)
- CPIA Scripts (non parcels) sprint
- Localization sprint

- Philippe

Ted Leung wrote:

> Hi all,
> PyCon is getting closer and we're starting to think about plans for a  
> Chandler Sprint.   This year things are a little bit different  
> because the sprints are after the conference, which means that people  
> will have seen our presentations before coming to the sprints.     
> There are four days allocated for sprints.  My question is do people  
> want to do 4 days worth of sprints or less than that.  We can have  
> one sprint or several sprints (different topic areas), and durations  
> can vary.  It is pretty much up to us as to what we'd like to do.     
> If people have specific topics that they'd like to sprint on, please  
> reply to this note, so that we can get an idea of how long we want  
> our sprint(s) to run, and people can make airplane arrangements, etc.
> Here's a seed idea:
> * General parcel sprint
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