[Cosmo] Re: [Dev] Proposal for new automation architecture

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 10 12:05:33 PST 2006


Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> Hello Group,
> I am going to share my initial reaction to this
> proposal though I understand some may resent
> someone outside the development team coming
> across as critical...
> Philippe Bossut wrote:
>> (http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/OpenAutomationFramework) 
>> first. Keep in mind also that Mikeal is trying to solve a problem 
>> that includes Chandler and Cosmo.
> Unifying the testing procedure and tools sound like
> a good idea but this will introduce Python as a
> dependency for testing Cosmo.
> a. Python is a large dependency simply for tests
>    when Java has no shortage of testing frameworks.
> b. Someone working on cosmo may have no python
>    experience at all and we may want to encourage
>    developers to add their own tests as they go along.
> c. Internally Cosmo and Chandler have very little
>    in common and so very few tests are going to
>    be able to be shared.
> Best Regards,
> Kervin

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