[Chandler-dev] RepoViewer not showing collection structure

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 25 18:05:59 PDT 2006

I've updated the repository viewer to provide an improved visualization 
of the collections. Here's an example of what it looks like now, using 
'My Items' - aka the conceptual 'mine'

I haven't added links to the actual inner collections yet.

An important part of this is the unlabeled box around the 
nonRecurringNotes and '(Inclusions)' - this is an example of how we're 
using a 'Union' set, rather than a fully fledged 'UnionCollection' when 
one isn't needed. This helped a bit with performance, and I think we can 
make use of this pattern elsewhere.


Alec Flett wrote:
> .. a recent change I made to make SmartCollections even smarter meant 
> that they're so smart, repoViewer can't view the structure of them.
> I'm working on a fix, but it might not land for a week or two... but 
> it is going to look really neat, I promise :)
> Alec
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