[Chandler-dev] Compiler versions

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 19 21:32:47 PDT 2006

On Thu, 20 Apr 2006, Mike Taylor wrote:

> On Apr 20, 2006, at 12:23 AM, Reid Ellis wrote:
>> Ubuntu has similar problems. As I am running Dapper Drake, my gcc is v 4.0. 
>> I will install gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4 and try them. Unfortunately, I don't 
>> think Ubuntu has anything like gcc-select to choose a global default gcc 
>> version. Perhaps just manually changein the symlink for /usr/bin/gcc will 
>> do?
> That's exactly what I do - it's only 5 or 6 symlinks and the are all in 
> /usr/bin
> The default selection for Drake runs just fine now - I haven't had any issues 
> building Chandler under Drake.  Well, except for the small fact that I need 
> to remove libstdc++.so.6 from our release/debug directory.

And even that small fact seems to not be really true. I've run Chandler on 
your ubuntu system without first removing libstdc++.so and it worked fine.


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