[Chandler-dev] [Sum] April 10 - 16

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 19 14:52:11 PDT 2006

Build and release
*checkpoint build*
Bear's April 10 checkpoint:
Dan's test report of the checkpoint:

*0.7alpha2 schedule slipped by 2 weeks*
The schedule slip will not change the core sprint week dates.
If you have hit your deadlines already, help fix alpha2 bugs.

*plugin parcels (eggs)*
Phillip ported the feeds parcel to a plugin project. Instructions
included if you want to try porting other plugin parcels.

The plugin projects bring up an unexpected problem: new plugin eggs
don't get pushed automatically. If you make changes to an API in an egg
plugin, and changes to code elsewhere that uses that API, then the
tinderboxes will go orange until Bear pushes the new tarballs. Automatic
upgrades are the not-so-long term solution (alpha3).

Grant asked about MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET -- why is it unset in the 
easy_install invocation? Bear explained that if the value is unset, the 
value is discovered by the OS and you avoid mismatches.

*PyLucene updated (2.0rc1-5)*

*wx tarball*
A hard to track problem in wx tarball 39 got backed out, and caused some 
emergency shuffling to fix it. A new wx branch was created for John and 
Robin to work out problems. Alec and other apps developers picked up 
some of John's alpha2 tasks. Robin established that the newer swig was 
not causing the problems, and is hunting down a separate problem 
reported by Alec. John was to start at tarball 36 on the branch and test 
each incremental change, looking for the error. The branch started at 
tarball 40 (no reusing tarball relver #s).
Related threads:

*wxPython distribution*
Marc Colosimo and Robin Dunn discuss wxPython distribution:

*incremental wx builds*
John has a Makefile change to help with easy incremental wxWidgets
builds and debugging in Chandler.

*tab nanny*
Grant asked if we should have a pre-commit hook rejecting tabs in .py
files. Bear responded that he turned it off recently because it
routinely caused problems. He's looking for a better one and open to

*full build status*
Monitor full build tinderboxes after you make a change to external or 
internal. Notifications are not sent out and Bear will not monitor these 
builds the way he does the quick builds. Bear's cell phone number is 
available on the wiki if he's needed, but it is up to you to notice.

*tool for scripting windows*

Coding and design discussions
*body attribute*
Ted is changing ContentItem.body from schema.Lob to schema.Text,
resolving Bug 3531. This fix addresses i18n issues. We still have an
open issue about using annotations vs mixins for augmenting the body of
a content item. Bryan noted that mixins have a name collision issue, and
annotations currently have no solution for transparent overloading of
attributes. (This is a stamping issue beyond this particular bug).

*chandler cosmo sharing*
Mikeal put together a wiki page with the details of a Chandler 
TestSharing.py conversation. Heikki pointed out that we're going to look 
at sharing performance in alpha3.

Grant's observations:
1) Grant proposed an alternative to jumping through PROPFIND hoops 
determining if resources exist on the server. (see link below for 
details). Brian Moseley thinks the alternative would work, unclear if it 
is valid.
2) Chandler should be closing TCP connections itself -- recommendation
for how best to do this welcome.
3) A single connection for CalDAV and cloud xml shares might be a good

*Unicode and letting u be u (umlaut)*
Grant wrote about specifying Python characters in unicode. His 10 second
summary: If you want to specify a non-ASCII character in a unicode
string, the python \uxxxx escape is your friend. With anything else,
you're playing with fire. Longer, more rambly version here:

*don't share .pyc's between platforms*
Bryan gave a debugging tip: *.pyc's have source path info in them, 
causing problems if you try and share them across platforms when doing 
cross platform development.

*directory moves and renames proposal*
Alec proposed renaming some packages (and moving things around) so that 
dialog boxes live in the right places. The proposal is for alpha3. 
Morgen made a small tweak to the proposal. Heikki noted that he likes 
having all of the code for a given feature in one place, dialogs and all.

Brian Kirsch asked if we could tackle localization/PyICU support in 
dialogs at the same time (Bug 3576), and Alec suggested that was a 
separate task (perhaps also worth doing in alpha3).

*example of commit then review*
Grant and Alec suggested UI code does not belong in osaf.pim. wxChoice 
work could move to TimeZoneList.py or blocks/calendar/TimeZone.py -- 
allowing for possible reuse.

Ted opened bugs for documentation and example parcel changes to take 
advantage of John's sidebar event API changes.

*Python sandbox environment*
John forwarded an email from Stephan Deibel at Wing, mentioning a 
discussion about a restricted execution environment in Python 3. PJE 
replied that a Python 3 sandbox is unlikely to be helpful to OSAF 
anytime soon (no proposal is especially close to being implemented, and 
moving to Python 3 will be quite a bit of work anyway). PJE suggested 
looking to Zope if OSAF needs a sandbox in the next couple of years. 
They have a working implementation that has been in the field a couple 
of years -- restricted execution and capability proxies for Python 2.x.

Meeting announcements and notes
Chandler engineering
Geek talk: code review of item notifications
Apps team

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