[Chandler-dev] Feeds parcel is now a plugin egg - please "make purge"

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Apr 18 10:10:36 PDT 2006

At 09:41 AM 4/18/2006 -0700, Katie Capps Parlante wrote:
>Philippe Bossut wrote:
>>The consensus was to simply take those FT out for the moment so we have 
>>the parcel port in, we give some time to Bear to change the build system 
>>in alpha3 and we don't panic the Apps team with those FT breakage on a 
>>daily basis during alpha2.
>>I'd really like to have Release Engineering (Heikki) reading on it so 
>>that we can move forward.
>I'm not really clear on this from the apps team notes, but my 
>understanding is:
>- the functional tests that cover feeds are not currently breaking
>- the functional tests could break easily if we tweak feeds and don't get 
>the tarballs updated
>- if the functional tests did break easily or frequently, that would cause 
>extra work for the apps team
>I'd rather see us revert Phillip's change than disable the functional test 
>-- I'd hate to see regressions pile up in sample parcels. We're going to 
>be blocked on porting parcels anyway until we get the build change.

+1 - I feel exactly the same way.  Leaving the change in if it interferes 
with apps team work would be the tail wagging the dog, the cart before the 
horse, penny-wise and pound-foolish, or [insert your own cliche/proverb 
here].  Apps team work is a release constraint, the parcel port is 
not.  Its 0.7a2 goals were achieved just by getting it to work at 
all.  Backing it out temporarily won't lose us anything.

Phillippe, if this is causing your team *any* pain, please just say the 
word and the feeds change is history.  It will take me only a few minutes 
to revert, and a few more to move it back once the build system is ready to 
support this.  The HelloWorldPlugin is more than sufficient to allow build 
system testing and to demonstrate that plugin eggs are working in a2.  And 
it has no UI, so it will not require any updates to track API changes.

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