[Chandler-dev] Help with schema.Text vs schema.Lob

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 17 18:16:11 PDT 2006

So I started working on converting ContentItem.body from type  
schema.Lob to type schema.Text, per our previous conversation <http:// 

It appears that you can't index attributes of type schema.Text.    
Andi, does that sound right?  I tried to look in repository/schema/ 
Types.py, but there's no entry for Text in that file.  Did the  
definition move into C code?    Here's the stack trace that I got  
when I tried to run Chandler -- running the unit tests produces some  
similar errors in other parts of the system.

Using /home/twl/work/osaf/binaries/release/bin/python

2006-04-17 18:03:00,415 application.Utility WARNING: Twisted logging  
output to / home/twl/.chandler/MxEZ4Hoy.default folder

(process:12891): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

(python:12891): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
         Using the fallback 'C' locale.
2006-04-17 18:03:03,221 root ERROR: Chandler encountered an  
unexpected problem w hile trying to start.
Here are the bottom 7 frames of the stack:
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/application/schema.py",  
line 1280, i n synchronize
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/application/schema.py",  
line 1272, i n parcel_for_module
     return itemFor(ModuleMaker(moduleName), view)   # slow path
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/application/schema.py",  
line 1345, i n itemFor
     cb = obj._init_schema_item(item,view)
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/application/schema.py",  
line 1247, i n _init_schema_item
     module.installParcel(item, None)
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/parcels/osaf/app/ 
__init__.py", line 236, in installParcel
     newScript.set_file(u"NewScript.py", Scripts.__file__)
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/parcels/osaf/framework/ 
scripting.py" , line 302, in set_file
     self.bodyString = self.file_contents(filePath)
   File "/home/twl/work/osaf/src/trees/trunk/parcels/osaf/pim/ 
items.py", line 532 , in SetItemBodyString
     self.body = lobType.makeValue(value, indexed=True)
TypeError: makeValue() got an unexpected keyword argument 'indexed'	

I could definitely use some advice here...


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