[Chandler-dev] Feeds parcel is now a plugin egg - please "make purge"

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Apr 17 18:12:31 PDT 2006

At 05:36 PM 4/17/2006 -0700, Philippe Bossut wrote:
>Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>>There are several other options to make the process work better, but all 
>>of them depend on build system changes, and I promised not to push for 
>>any more build system changes in 0.7 alpha 2 - the goal was only to make 
>>it *possible* to develop and use plugins in alpha 2, with "good developer 
>>experience" for the build process aspects being deferred to alpha 3.
>>Unfortunately, with respect to this particular issue, I am at fault for 
>>not realizing that binaries aren't automatically made available for 
>>download when changes are checked in.  I thought they were, and thus 
>>thought everything would "just work" at this stage.  Hopefully, this is 
>>something we can change for at least the plugin eggs in alpha 3.
>I think we're all in violent agreement here as to what's the solution 
>should be (automatic upgrades) and that it can't happen before alpha3.
>In the meantime, what are we supposed to do?
>We discussed this at the last Apps meeting 
>and thought that, for alpha2, we should let Feed break (temporarily, not 
>in the shipping version...) and take out the functional tests that rely on it.

If that is inconvenient, we can always revert my change by moving 'feeds' 
back into 'parcels' for the moment, leaving behind a partial plugin 
directory, then put it back later.  The only benefit of having moved feeds 
in the first place was to serve as an example and demonstrate that parcel 
eggs work (for some value of "work" :) ) in alpha 2.  It would be 
inappropriate to let this interfere with the apps group work; if I had 
known this was going to happen I'd have requested postponement of the 
parcel port, or more build system resources to make updating a 
reality.  Again, my apologies for the inconvenience, as this should never 
have gotten so far as to use up even a few minutes' meeting time for the 
apps group!  It is wholly my fault for not grasping (or asking about) this 
particular subtlety of the build system.

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