[Chandler-dev] [proposal] more directory renames/moves

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Fri Apr 14 15:17:01 PDT 2006

I'd like to suggest we get rid of all the specialized dialog boxes in 
application/dialogs and move them to their respective places in the 

I was going to suggest that some end up in osaf/framework/blocks but 
then I figured people might object since they're not actually blocks. I 
think that the fact that they are blocks are irrelevant and they just 
belong in the appropriate application area.

Obviously this is stuff that would happen in alpha3, but I figure we can 
work out the plan now and I can try to execute on it when alpha3 arrives.

So I'm proposing:
1) rename osaf/framework/blocks to osaf/ui, and make sure these are just 
base block/widget classes
2) rename osaf/views/main to osaf/chandler/mainview
3) move osaf/framework/blocks/calendar into osaf/calendarui
4) move application/dialog/* into the right places:
    - Account*, PublishCollection, RestoreShares, SubscribeCollection, 
SyncProgress into osaf/sharing
    - ImportExport into osaf/import
    - RecurrenceDialog and TimeZoneList into osaf/calendarui
    - move Util into osaf/ui

I welcome modifications.. for instance:
- I'm not sure about osaf/calendarui as a name, but I'd like to get the 
CalendarCanvas stuff out of osaf/framework/blocks. Maybe 
osaf/chandler/calendar instead?
- I'm also not sure about osaf/chandler/mainview - seems awkward. I 
considered just osaf/chandler but then thought maybe pje would want 
'osaf.chandler' to be the main app (what he intended for osaf.app) - 
would it be ok to depend on osaf.chandler.mainview in that case? Maybe 
nobody should need to depend on that at all?



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