[Chandler-dev] Feeds parcel is now a plugin egg - please "make purge"

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Apr 13 15:03:16 PDT 2006

At 02:29 PM 4/13/2006 -0700, Bryan Stearns wrote:
>>Does this mean that if I make an API change to (say) blocks, or the 
>>detail view mechanism, I'll have to arrange a coordinated rebuilding of 
>>tarballs for the all the plugins before I can check in my change?
>>(If so, I propose _not_ using the plugin mechanism for the parcels 
>>referenced by unit tests: it'll slow things down a lot)

I don't know what you mean by "coordinated rebuilding of tarballs for all 
the plugins".

My understanding is that you would simply make the changes to the plugins 
during the same checkin, and bump their version numbers.  The resulting 
tinderbox flames due to unavailability of the new versions would then be 
Bear's problem, providing additional motivation to make the availability of 
such upgrades automatic.  ;-)

There are several other options to make the process work better, but all of 
them depend on build system changes, and I promised not to push for any 
more build system changes in 0.7 alpha 2 - the goal was only to make it 
*possible* to develop and use plugins in alpha 2, with "good developer 
experience" for the build process aspects being deferred to alpha 3.

Unfortunately, with respect to this particular issue, I am at fault for not 
realizing that binaries aren't automatically made available for download 
when changes are checked in.  I thought they were, and thus thought 
everything would "just work" at this stage.  Hopefully, this is something 
we can change for at least the plugin eggs in alpha 3.

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