[Chandler-dev] Moving forward with the wx on the trunk

Reid Ellis rae at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 13 08:44:42 PDT 2006

Yes, that was the plan. I've applied my anti-aliasing patches and am  
doing a build right now. If it looks good I will bump  
VERSION_REVISION_INDEX in wx/Makefile, check it in, and let Bear know  
it's there.


On Thu Apr 13 2006, at 11:26, Robin Dunn wrote:
> Ok, now that the wx rollback has been done and everything is green  
> again, what was the final decision on how to move forward again?   
> Are we to (A) apply just the critical/important fixes to the trunk,  
> or (B) incrementally roll it forward to identify where the problems  
> originated?
> If it is (A) then I have the needed fixes for bug #5608 ready to  
> check in, and will be also able to reproduce the changes needed for  
> #4956 fairly quickly.

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