[Chandler-dev] Chandler 0.7alpha2 schedule slip

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 12 12:25:41 PDT 2006

Here's an easy link to figure out who you can help fix their alpha2 
bugs, so we can make alpha2:


For example, john's been really held up with all the wx breakage, so he 
and I agreed on a few that I would work on..


Heikki Toivonen wrote:
> Mostly due to the major issues we are having with wxPython upgrades we
> have decided to take another two weeks to give us time to fix those issues.
> We will be creating a special wx development branch to work on the
> issues. We will also be resetting the trunk to what it was at wx tarball
> 36 and port fixes we absolutely need into the trunk. This will enable us
> to land and test the fixes we really need for alpha2. It is hoped that
> we will be able to resolve the wx issues on the branch and merge it back
> into the trunk during the next two weeks.
> This means that people who are already done with their alpha2 work can
> start work with alpha3, with the following caveats:
>   - if you can, please help someone who is late first
>   - help test the intermediate wx builds
>   - work on small, safe alpha3 bugs that you can finish in a week
>   - if your area does not have functional tests, please create a test
> for your area
>   - if you have big alpha3 issues that you need to start now, please
> start that work on a personal branch
> The idea with these restrictions is that we want to wind down to a good,
> stable alpha2 release as soon as possible.
> I've updated the alpha2 dates on
> http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/ChandlerMilestoneSchedule
> (haven't adjusted the other alpha dates yet).
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