[Chandler-dev] Re: wx tarball, SWIG and functional tests update

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 11 12:28:12 PDT 2006


David Surovell wrote:
 > This plan (rolling back to 36 + wxGrid) would leave out a large 
number of important fixes.

Indeed but, frankly, I see no other way of making progress on this right 

The facts are stubborn: one commit between 36 and 39 destabilized wx, 
lead to functional tests to break and we have no idea which one, add to 
that that the failure is apparently due to a memory corruption and it's 
hard to fix without knowing which change created the problem.

SWIG is also responsible for some of the new issues. Robin is on it. 
Anyway, we have too many moving part in this problem and need to 
segregate them to fix them.

The only strategy I heard so far that leads to the identification of the 
guilty change is John's, i.e.: go back to a stable wx and add the 
changes with caution (several strategies to do that) till we reproduce 
the problem. Alpha2 is in 3 weeks and we don't have time to just wait 
for the problem to go away.

So, here's a plan:
- we'll work on wx from the 36 tarball, branch from there and declare 
this new offshoot the new trunk
- the current trunk (for wx items only...) where 39 lies will be the dev 
- John (and potentially Reid and others who have wx changes pending) 
will merge their changes to this new trunk -> we'll have some of the new 
alpha2 functionalities around and be able to test them
- John will work to merge back the 39 changes in an incremental way and 
run the functional tests till we identify the guilty commit
- John fixes the problem (hopefully)
- Eventually, all other 39 changes make it in the trunk (some are indeed 
important as mentioned by David)

There's also the SWIG issue. May be Robin should try to build a version 
of Chandler with wx 36 and the new SWIG so that we can see if this new 
version of SWIG is indeed the cause of some of the problems.

David, let us know what you think about that plan within the next few 
hours.  We need to get this project by tonight if we want to make 
progress on this issue today.

- Philippe

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