[Chandler-dev] [Sum] April 3 - 9

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 11 09:46:18 PDT 2006

April 3 checkpoint available:

PyICU no longer uses SWIG. PyICU unit tests are passing, but some 
trivial bugs are possibly lurking (e.g. InvalidArgsError). Andi changed 
all methods returning a mutable ICU UnicodeString to return an immutable 
python unicode string instead.

PyICU was updated (0.5-58-1).
PyLucene was updated to fix a Chandler-doesn't-start-on-Linux problem 

Tinderbox email notification is now working against the quick builds 
(kona, maunaloa and molokini). These notifications should be legit, 
please pay attention to any notifications you receive.

qacosmo was upgraded from cosmo-0.2.8 to cosmo-0.3, in preparation for 
the upcoming cosmo-0.3 release. The new bundle comes with scooby. The 
server will not be upgraded again until we have a release candidate or a 
significant bug fix.

*build policies*
Philippe summarized the build policy meeting, where he described 3 
Andi and Alec brought up a 4th:

*wx tarball fun*
John had been working against an old wx version due to confusion about 
the build. His commit caused some functional test failures, which he was 
tracking down (Bug#5591).
wx tarball 39 landed, fixing wxGrid issues, but had to be backed out 
because it still broke functional tests.

*How to add collections to the sidebar*
John noted that parcels should use AddToSidebarEvent to add collections 
to the sidebar. This method has been renamed (from 
ModifyCollectionEvent) and the defaults have been updated. John includes 
  the reference information about the event in the message.

Arnaud Lapiere gave dogfood feedback about Chandler; Mimi and Sheila 
noted bugs and open design issues. (Dogfood feedback is summarized on 
the design list).

Apps meeting

Alec proposed formalizing the development process and Mimi committed 
freebusy code. Not.

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