[Chandler-dev] The type of ContentItem.body [bug 3531]

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 10 16:41:45 PDT 2006

Ted sed:

> This is an attempt to resolve 
> <https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3531>
> Currently the type of ContentItem.body is schema.String
> I propose that we adopt Morgen's proposal (in the bug) that we change 
> the type to schema.Text, and that any parcel that needs to augment the 
> body of a content item do it via a plugin specific mixin or 
> annotation.   Do people have thoughts on whether it is better to use a 
> mixin or an annotation?   Is there some other mechanism where we could 
> avoid creating parcel/mixin specific body attributes.

+1 on making ContentItem.body schema.Text.

Re mixin vs annotation: Mixing in has the disadvantage that name 
collisions between mixed-together kinds -- on attributes as in this 
case, or on method names -- are inevitable. I'm not sure that 
annotations are an alternative: while annotations resolve the issue of 
attribute name collisions, they prevent any meaningful transparent 
overloading. (Insert the rest of my "stamping via kind munging is bad" 
rant here.)


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