[Chandler-dev] wx tarball, SWIG and functional tests

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 10 10:26:15 PDT 2006


As most of you devs are aware of, we're having problems to land the last 
wx tarball (tarball 39). Quite a bit of people are involved with trying 
to solve the issue but, in the meantime, the quick build doesn't use 
that tarball and quite a few alpha2 changes (from John, David and Reid) 
are blocked.

It's imperative that we solve this problem for 0.7alpha2. John thinks 
that the issue is caused by memory corruption (crashes are somewhat 
random and happens in different places on different machines) and the 
likely culprits are the new wx and the new SWIG.

Here's a possible plan:
- John and Robin continue to help narrow the issue. On question I have 
is: is it possible to back out to the previous version of SWIG with the 
current set of wx patches? (minus the SWIG specific patches)
- David will act as backup though he'll continue to work on 
wxColumnHeader integration which is also critical for alpha2
- Alec and others on the Apps team will pick up some of John's alpha2 
tasks on Summary Table View (Dashboard) improvements so that we minimize 
the impact of this emergency on alpha2 planning.

Let me know guys if this is a workable plan. We already had some private 
conversations on this over the weekend but since this is affecting lots 
of people (including the alpha2 plan), I think it's better we have this 
discussion here.

- Philippe

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