[Chandler-dev] wx tarball 39

David Surovell davids at osafoundation.org
Sat Apr 8 01:57:40 PDT 2006

The wx tarball v2.6.2-xx has landed.
The highlights are as follows:
tarball v2.6.2-39 (07-Apr-06)
wxPython: updated build process to use SWIG v1.3.29
ALL: fixed wxGrid double-click support broken in tarball 37
ALL: fixed wxGrid keyboard navigation
ALL: huge rewrite of text encoding conversion support
ALL: improvements to corrupt image file handling
ALL: added more wxStandardPaths:: routines
wxGTK: changed many deprecated "g_XXXX_unref" calls to "g_object_unref"
wxMac: fixed wxFrame crash that occasionally interfered with functional 

The wx tarball revision history can be found at:

David S.

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