[Chandler-dev] Build Policies meeting

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 6 23:19:37 PDT 2006


So we had this meeting this afternoon and I updated the Wiki page with 
notes I took:

    - We all thought during the meeting that having a 3rd build flavor 
(named "lib build" though the name can be changed) is a good idea, 
allowing lib developers to take advantage of the build machines and 
preserving the existence of a clean full build anytime
    - We disagreed on the SVN topology we should be using to support that

We basically have 3 competing proposals: (note I'm talking only about 
the internal and external projects here, not chandler)
    1- Use a dev branch (Bear / Heikki) : lib build is built from a dev 
branch, branch is merged to trunk when lib builds go green, full build 
from this certified trunk
    2- Tag on the trunk (Philippe) : lib build is built from the trunk, 
when green it's tagged, full build from the tagged version
    3- Use build branch (Andi) : lib build is built from the trunk, this 
is merged to a clean build branch when green, full build from the build 

It's a little elliptical as an explanation but before we dive into 
details, pros and cons, etc... do people here have an opinion about 
this? Best practices stories to offer?

- Philippe

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