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Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 3 14:41:48 PDT 2006


Thanks very much for the feedback. I hope you check back again since  
some of these issues are being addressed in the next release. See  
comments, inline.


On Apr 3, 2006, at 7:10 AM, Arnaud Lapiere wrote:

> Hello,
> I've just tried chandler, and I'd like to give you my feedback
> I've had some difficulties trying to understand the way it works,  
> but I think it's ok by now.
> Version: 0.6-1 (rev 9430 build 0.6.1)
> The usability/bugs problems I've encountered are :
> 1) the check-marks seems inconsistent :
>   a * when the 'myCalendar' (green)  is selected, checked or not,  
> you see every events of all other calendar.
>   If shared Calendar (blue) is checked, you see some green+blue  
> events => ok
>   If shared Calendar (blue) is unchecked, you see the myCalendar in  
> green + the shared calendar in 'grayed' green => no sense. Is it a  
> bug ? I expected to see only the 'myCalendar' events, but I may  
> misunderstand
>   b * when the 'Trash' collection is selected, I except to see only  
> 'trashed' events, but I see all events of all collections !  
> (colored if collection is checked, trash-color if unchecked). It  
> seems like a bug too ?
> 2)  I can create, move, delete some events in 'Trash'. I don't see  
> the use, it is quite confusing ..

Yes, this is currently logged as a bug.

> 3)  I've created a test collection, the default color was the same  
> than trash Collection ! Quite confusing too

I believe we have 7 different collection colors that rotate at random  
when you create a new collection. You can certainly change the color  
of a particular collection if you want the Trash collection color to  
be unique.

> 4) The SyncAll form is quite un-userfriendly, but that seems normal  
> for a beta. In a final version, I'd appreciate a 'silent' dialog,  
> which pop's up only if an error is encountered.

Actually, we are currently in the process of working on this "silent  
dialog" - a background sync which will eliminate this dialog  
entirely. Any user feedback will be presented in some other form ie:  
log file, status bar etc.

> 5) As a feature request, I'd propose a cron-syncAll (syncAll every  
> X minutes)

We will have this soon as well.

> 6) Very high memory consumption, 40-70Mo with an empty calendar !

Yes, we know about this and will be tackling a number of performance  
and memory issues in our next release.

> 7) Closing doesn't close totally, "Error, chandler instance already  
> running" error, have to kill manually chandler in task manager at  
> each Chandler start (WinXPSP2)

I am pretty sure this bug is logged also.
> Anyway, it seems very promising, and I'd like to congratulate every  
> developpers for this brillant piece of sofware !
> Best regards,
> Arnaud, french user
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