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Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 3 14:39:13 PDT 2006

Hi Arnaud, thanks for writing up this feedback. I have a couple of  
comments/questions about the first item (see in-line).


On Apr 3, 2006, at 7:10 AM, Arnaud Lapiere wrote:

> Hello,
> I've just tried chandler, and I'd like to give you my feedback
> I've had some difficulties trying to understand the way it works,  
> but I think it's ok by now.
> Version: 0.6-1 (rev 9430 build 0.6.1)
> The usability/bugs problems I've encountered are :
> 1) the check-marks seems inconsistent :
>   a * when the 'myCalendar' (green)  is selected, checked or not,  
> you see every events of all other calendar.

The "My calendar" is similar to the "Library" collection in iTunes.  
It contains all of your events (unless you specifically select the  
option to keep events out of 'My calendar'). In 0.6 we changed the  
name from 'All my events' to 'My calendar' in order to simplify the  
design for people who would only ever have 1 calendar. However, we  
will be re-addressing the naming of this collection for 0.7. You're  
not the first person to be confused by this behavior so it's great  
for us to have anecdotal data on this issue.

>   If shared Calendar (blue) is checked, you see some green+blue  
> events => ok
>   If shared Calendar (blue) is unchecked, you see the myCalendar in  
> green + the shared calendar in 'grayed' green => no sense. Is it a  
> bug ? I expected to see only the 'myCalendar' events, but I may  
> misunderstand

Question: Was the shared Calendar (blue) selected, though not  
checked? If not, it may have been a performance issue. Did the shared  
Calendar eventually disappear? How long did you wait?

>   b * when the 'Trash' collection is selected, I except to see only  
> 'trashed' events, but I see all events of all collections !  
> (colored if collection is checked, trash-color if unchecked). It  
> seems like a bug too ?

Yes, we would like to temporarily "turn-off" all checked collections  
when you select the Trash. In the future, the Trash should show up as  
a list of items, not a calendar.

> 2)  I can create, move, delete some events in 'Trash'. I don't see  
> the use, it is quite confusing ..
> 3)  I've created a test collection, the default color was the same  
> than trash Collection ! Quite confusing too
> 4) The SyncAll form is quite un-userfriendly, but that seems normal  
> for a beta. In a final version, I'd appreciate a 'silent' dialog,  
> which pop's up only if an error is encountered.
> 5) As a feature request, I'd propose a cron-syncAll (syncAll every  
> X minutes)
> 6) Very high memory consumption, 40-70Mo with an empty calendar !
> 7) Closing doesn't close totally, "Error, chandler instance already  
> running" error, have to kill manually chandler in task manager at  
> each Chandler start (WinXPSP2)
> Anyway, it seems very promising, and I'd like to congratulate every  
> developpers for this brillant piece of sofware !
> Best regards,
> Arnaud, french user
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