[Dev] Starting CPIA Documentation

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 12 23:32:19 PDT 2005


We had a meeting today with some of the Apps devs talking about the CPIA 
Documentation. It's clear that what we have right now is inadequate for 
new devs to come up to speed on Chandler and that we really need to 
update it and augment it with examples and more in depth discussion of a 
variety of architectural points.

Assigning to a unique individual the task of writting such a momentous 
documentation all by himself is the sure way of never getting it done 
so, rather than stalling, we decided to set up a weekly meeting (Mondays 
at 2pm) where a small group talk about it and decide about small 
incremental actions we can take over from one week to the next.

This week we discussed of what a CPIA documentation should be made off. 
The result of this has been posted on the CPIA Project page 
(http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/CpiaFramework) under 
the "CPIA Documentation" section. Some sections points to docs with more 
detailed subsections.

Next week, John will be making a first draft of the Introduction section 
(no more than a couple of pages) and we'll be commenting it during next 
week meeting.

This will be a collaborative effort and we need your input. Let us know 
about your CPIA experience: what has been the most challenging part of 
CPIA? which document you wish you had when you started? which 
architectural aspect needs to be described in detail? which one needs to 
be reworked? We'll take all this into account so that we get to a 
documentation that is really useful.

Also, if you feel an itch to scratch and wish to contribute, remember 
that the Wiki is fully editable, so please, do not hesitate to post 
directly on those Wiki pages.

- Philippe

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