[Dev] SVN conversion status update

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Thu May 26 09:07:27 PDT 2005

Thanks to Bear for pulling this all together!

As for ViewCVS, it's temporarily at http://viewcvs.o11n.org/ , but as  
soon as Chris is able to procure a new CNAME (DNS entry) for me, it  
will live at http://viewcvs.osafoundation.org/

We can leave the old viewcvs installation (which is hooked up to the  
old CVS repository) in place so that links from old commit messages  
continue to work.

The biggest remaining problem is that the svn commit mail archive is  
a little broken.  For example:


Our mailing list archive program strips out HTML attachments and then  
"escapes" their content so they don't render properly.  Ideally  
SVN::Notify could send HTML and plain text versions of the commit  
messages I guess.


On May 26, 2005, at 12:14 AM, Mike Taylor wrote:

> I've finished the final tweaks to the Tinderbox client programs to  
> work with SVN.  The quick or "make install" builds are running and  
> have been green for a couple cycles now.  The windows and linux  
> full builds should go green next cycle but ahukini won't get  
> restarted until I upgrade it's version of Python tomorrow.
> Currently the Bonsai information is not being updated - that's on  
> my todo list for tomorrow and also the "CVS" column on the  
> Tinderbox Status page has been removed until I finish the changes  
> to the Tinderbox2 code to support SVN.  It's taking me a bit longer  
> than usual because I'm trying to write it in a style that will  
> allow it to be accepted back into the Mozilla code tree instead of  
> just being a quick hack :) -- well that and it's also Perl ;)
> Morgen has upgraded the ViewCVS program so that you can browse the  
> CVS and SVN tree.
> Anyhow, I haven't heard any voice any major issues about the SVN  
> conversion -- let me know quickly if you have any problems as the  
> longer you wait the harder it will be for me to adjust or rollback  
> if that is needed.
> Thanks to everyone for being patient this morning as the conversion  
> went longer than I thought it would.
> I would like to thank Morgen for handling the ViewCVS upgrade and  
> svn account updates, Heikki for updating LXR and Grant and others  
> for editing my SVN notes and putting it on the wiki.  (I hope I  
> didn't miss anyone)
> I've taken a lot of notes on the reasons for and the how-to's of  
> the conversion - later when everything settle's down I'll make a  
> blog and wiki entry about it in case anyone wants to know the gory  
> details.
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