[Dev] RDF PIM data

Cefn Hoile osafoundation.org at cefn.com
Sun May 22 16:02:00 PDT 2005

I'd like to set up a technology demonstrator which combines RDF and  
PIM (Personal Information Management) data, like diary entries,  
contacts lists, bookmarks, stickies etc. to show off some of the  
technologies developed for managing and navigating RDF at MIT (http:// 

This list seemed like a good place to start asking about how to get  
some meaningful data of this kind. By 'meaningful' I mean at least  
some of the following properties...

* Data maintained by a PIM app in RDF
* Data conforming to RDF standards for PIM
* Data synchronized from a mainstream pre-existing PIM format (Mac  
Address Book, Outlook, IE, etc)

I understand that Chandler may use RDF (don't know what the final  
decision was on this)
I have come across standards for RDF Calendars, and FOAF, but don't  
know if I can get 'meaningful' data into these formats for a  
realistic demo

Pointers are welcomed from those on the list which would lead me to  
examples of RDF synchronization with deployed or deployable PIM systems.


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