[Dev] Re: Recurrence discussion

Marcus Sundman sundman at iki.fi
Thu May 12 07:42:00 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 11 May 2005 22:12, Jeffrey Harris wrote:
> It seems to me that the options for having the calendar view see
> occurrences of indefinitely recurring events for 20 year in advance are:
> 1) Make the view responsible for creating the relevant occurrences (yes,
> I know, thunderous -1's from the list)
> 2) Make the query system responsible for generating the relevant
> occurrences
> 3) Generate enough events that we're sure the apocalypse will have arrived
> before we run out (I support avoiding theology in Chandler :)
> 4) Don't generate occurrences past a certain point, warn the user 
> visually if they're past that point
> 5) Get the model/view contract refined to the point that we can use
> proxy objects and avoid generating occurrences
> Does this seem like a complete list?

Umm.. in 4) there must be something, let's call it "Bob", that runs a 
maintenance task every once in a while where creates new events (and 
removes old events), right? Let's say it creates new events 18 months in 
advance. If I then use the query system to get all events some month 20 
years from now, can't it realize that this is past the 18 months limit and 
ask Bob to create all events that are on said month? Then the next time Bob 
runs its maintenance task it removes those events from 20 years in the 

- Marcus Sundman

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